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to put it simply,

lea tellez makes things.

A graphic artist with an affection for vibrant colors palettes, hand-drawn elements, and pattern-making, I approach each project with a balance of curiosity and practicality to ask creative questions. My experience has spanned a range of large-scale projects, including store signage, brand identities, ad campaigns, and social media content. In every project, I highly value maintaining a solution-oriented approach and the utility in working effectively with her team and/or client. My favorite thing about each project I work on, passion projects included, is the opportunity to learn something new.

I received my BFA from the University of Texas at El Paso, concentrating in graphic design and drawing. When I'm not making things, I enjoy trying new recipes, working with local art programs, and hanging out with my cat, Peggie. 

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branding & identity


digital design

print design



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